Dancing in the Dark

Dancing Barefoot” – U2
Dancing in the Dark” – Bruce Springsteen
Dancing Queen” – U2
Dancing Through Sunday” – AFI
Dancing With the One-Legged…” – Marilyn Manson
Danger is the Shame” – Iris
Danny Farrell” – The Dubliners
Dante’s Lament” – Clerks Soundtrack
Dante’s Prayer” – Loreena McKennitt
Darby O’Leary” – The Dubliners
Darkangel” – VNV Nation
Darkangel (Apocalyptic Mix)” – VNV Nation
Darkangel (Azrael)” – VNV Nation
Darkangel (Gabriel)” – VNV Nation
The Dark Night of the Soul” – Loreena McKennitt
Dark Star (Excerpt)” – The Greatful Dead
Darkest Days” – Stabbing Westward
The Darkest Star” – Depeche Mode
Darkness/Influence” – Neuroticfish

Despite the Bruce Springsteen title, there’s a lot of OONCE OONCE OONCE and stuff for the St. Patty’s Day mix.  I find it interesting that artists tend to cluster – two songs each by Loreena McKennitt, The Dubliners, and U2 (covers both!).  Three remixes of one song by VNV doesn’t really count, though.

And I’ll be posting two this week, because I forgot to hit post last week.  I’d actually written it, I just forgot to post it.