Epilogue – Eulogy

Epilogue (Nothing ‘Bout Me)” – Sting
Erased, Over, Out” – Nine Inch Nails
Eraser” – Nine Inch Nails
Eraser (Denial, Realiztion)” – Nine Inch Nails
Eraser (Polite)” – Nine Inch Nails
Eruption” – Van Halen
Especially True” – Marillion
Essence” – Marillion
Estonia” – Marillion
Estranged” – Guns N’ Roses
Eulogy” – Tool

It’s kind of fitting that “Estonia” would fall in this list, because it seems like such a perfect funeral song:

No one leaves you / When you live in their heart and mind
And no one dies / They just move to the other side
When we’re gone / Watch the world simply carry on
We live on laughing and in no pain / We’ll stay and be happy / With those who have loved us today

And no wonder, considering it was written in memory of the 852 people killed when the MS Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea.