Get on it, Science.

An argument I’ve been making for a few years now is about a certain piece of technology that we should have by now but don’t.  It’s 2015, and we’ve launched a handful of human beings toward the moon and brought them back, harnessed the power of the atom to flash-murder a few hundred thousand people at once, and cured smallpox.  Science really has no limits.

No, I’m not talking about hoverboards or self-lacing shoes or even flying cars.

Driving along a windy, hilly road in the rain last night, I came across what is essentially my driving nightmare scenario.  I see, for just a split second, a deer on the road ahead in my lane, before the guy coming toward me also sees the deer. His reaction is to put on his high beams. The deer instantly vanishes, drowned out by the light I’m trying to see through.  If I’d blinked in that second, I would just have though it was some random jerk with his brights on, and plowed merrily into the deer that was apparently quite pleased to wander in traffic.

My point here is why did this scenario have to happen? With all of the advancement in vehicle technology – GPS navigation – fuel economy, impact safety, handling, etc. – why is it that we don’t have night vision?  Why do we need anything other than running lights for safety?  At night, in the rain, the lines on the road practically disappear.  Why doesn’t my windshield compensate for this?  I’d rather see that deer in green than have it come flying through my windshield.

And yeah, I understand cost.  But I can guarantee you that all of the aforementioned technology that we already have was developed at significant cost, yet is now considered standard.

So get on it, science.  Imagine all of the light pollution we could cut out if we didn’t have 250 million sets of headlights on the road.


Another Year Down

Well, we’ve soldiered on through another year.  Lost a few along the way, gained a few more than that, and generally plodded along into history.

Once again I’m writing a post about ignoring my blog.  I’ve had a serious case of writer’s block for quite some time now.  A year ago I had three blogs and a book that I was working on – I’ve let one of those blogs lapse, and the second one hasn’t been updated in over a year.  I’ve written maybe half a paragraph on that book.

One of my many New Year’s resolutions is to work on that.  I’m going to try to write a lot more frequently – my goal is to put something here at least once a week.  The motivation for this will be to live up to the overhaul I’ve just completed, which is based around artwork by none other than my favorite editorial cartoonist Matt Bors.  That means I need to generate actual content, so I’m going to try to get back to my roots.  The header covers the gamut of what I want to write about – politics, sports, writing, geeking, and the occasional glass of Scotch.

So welcome to 2015.  Here’s hoping I can keep at least one of my resolutions.